Web Design Elements for Car Dealers

Web Design Elements for Car Dealers

A quality website is becoming a necessity in today’s world with many people researching online to find the goods and services they are in need of. However, as a car dealer just having a website doesn’t mean that people are going to buy the cars you have displayed on your website. You have to ensure your website is appealing with quality car pictures accompanied with the right information. You want people to come along and see what cars you have to offer, not just leave it that way but buy them. Here are 10 tips for website design ideas for car dealers:

  1. Have a polished, professional logo.
  2. A logo is an important part of any business brand; you should try to ensure this is on every page of your website and link it back to your home page. Ensure it looks professional by using a high-resolution image. Many sites will feature their logo in the top left corner of each page.

  3. Use intuitive navigation.
  4. If your navigation becomes too difficult people will give up and look for a site that is more user-friendly. An idea is to have a main menu in a bar across the top of the site with secondary navigation options underneath or along the side. You don’t need to have links to every page on your home page, or it may become too busy. You only need important links on the landing page only.

  5. Don’t clutter the page.
  6. Sometimes we can be overloaded with images but if we do this, the brain will shut down. Too many images stops us from being able to process all the information. Keep the clutter down and don’t fill the page with too much information either of the used car dealer. Keep your paragraphs short. If they are too long, people often will skip over them and won’t read them.

  7. Give internet users room to breathe.
  8. Create space between paragraphs and images. This will allow the site visitor to absorb everything that they are reading and seeing.

  9. Use colour strategically.
  10. Think of what you are want to achieve with the use of colors in your site. If you use a neutral colour palette, you will present an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Bright colours will represent fun.

    a car dealership website theme

    Keep in mind there are always many car dealership website themes to help you start your site.

  11. Invest in professional photography.
  12. Keep high-quality pictures of the cars you are selling on your landing page. The power of sight far outweighs words. Make use of professionals to take and keep good and appealing pictures on your website. It would be better to have no photos up than to have poor quality pictures with no relevance to your website.

  13. Choose easily read fonts.
  14. Don’t choose a font that is difficult to read because people simply won’t read it. They’ll see it and then leave straight away. Do not deter visitors before they can even read what you have to offer. Also, as car dealer use a font that matches your images. A fun comic style font may not be appropriate for your site.

  15. Design each page as if it’s a landing page.
  16. Some people may not enter your site through the home page which means all of your pages should be engaging. Key information should be on each of the pages so the visitor doesn’t need to go searching through multiple pages to find out what you actually are about.

  17. Put your call to action above the fold.
  18. Sometimes people don’t scroll down on a page which means if you want people to call or send you an email you need to put this high on a page to ensure it is seen. It’s a always a brilliant idea to have your contact details easily shown on the page also.

  19. Test your design.
  20. You’d be surprised at what difference a small change to a design can make, so test your designs. You can do A/B testing with a couple of designs and see which of them engages people more to your site.


Elements of Good Web Design for a Spa

Hotels and spas are intertwined; it is difficult to talk about one of them in isolation. Why say so? A Spa is one of the amenities that visitors are treated to in the renowned hotel rooms around the globe. Therefore, a spa website similar to the one at Spalogy usually exists as a small site within the mother resort or hotel site. People who visit spa websites are very specific to the site as opposed to the major resort/hotel page. Therefore, a spa website needs to have good web design elements that will sell the services at first glance.

Before embarking on such website design elements it important to have a sneak preview on what spas entail to clearly comprehend the major objectives of spa websites. Spas are relaxation outlets. The individual undergoes a series of massages and therapies to help them unwind after a hard day’s work or take a break from busy schedules. They are categorized into day and destination spas. Day spas are a one-day affair while destination spas take several days in the resort.

Due to the expensive nature of spas, individuals visit them occasionally for a treat. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have a luxurious and contented feeling even before visiting them. This is made possible by a website; a website that is beautifully designed and sells itself. The following are some of the spa website design components:

spa in a hotel

An example of a spa located within a hotel.

The punch line

This pertains to the main reasons why customers should come to your spa instead of other many spas located in different locations or parts of the country. In the punch line, you should sell the environment as well as the location. You should heavily employ pictures for this purpose to demonstrate a unique environment unique to the location of the spa. Pictures have the ability to describe with precise intent and impact.

Describe a luxury Service

This is a very important component. It enlightens the customers on what to expect: total luxury, being calm and collected. This should appeal more to physical pleasures aimed at helping the potential customer feel amazing

Another thing to keep in mind - you can always find a spa website theme to build from.

Another thing to keep in mind – you can always find a spa website theme to build from.

Employ Cool Color Palettes throughout the site

This helps your visitors to feel calm and relaxed even before visiting the spa. The level of comfort at the location should be portrayed using faded palettes such as shades of whites and blues.

Using visual designs

The website should contain lots of graphics as opposed to text. Use images that describe the feeling that you want to put across. For example, clouds best describe calm or a feeling or being peaceful.

List of services and their costs

Most customers make informed decisions based on the available services, preferences as well as the budget at their disposal. Therefore, it’s important that the website has the “list of services and prices” design component. Further, for many items, think of having a helpful guide for visitors (something like “hair salon guide“) to look at to help them in their decision on why choose a specific spa for a specific need.

The First Impression

In as much as you wish to send the right message to the customers at first glance, desist from excessive use of any component. Come up with a design that best works for you and sends the right impression. The easiest picture that works well at first glance is an individual in a towel.

SEO Strategies to Use in 2015

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, you should be aware of the fact that internet marketing has taken the world by storm. Different methods are being employed to harvest the many people who spend their better time of the day (and night) online en masse.

Owning a website with a working and memorable URL is the first step to attaining visibility on the internet. You will then require a Search Engine Optimization company or SEO to make sure your internet marketing is successful. This is what ranks your site on popular search engines like Bing, yahoo and Google when search results are returned.

For good SEO, there are strategies that need to be followed in order to make your site marketable. This is what you have to do:-

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

In this age of smartphone and tablets, people access the internet on the go via these portable gadgets. In keeping with this growing trend, it is only fair that you make your website mobile-friendly by incorporating a mobile site. This is to avoid losing out on people who are always on the go and want to stay updated.


Focus on a variety of keywords

Keywords are the backbone of good SEO because that is what customers use to query on search engines, not generic words. Having a variety of keywords is what will get your site noticed for a good ranking which is good for business.

Research is requisite for you to know what keywords are popular with customers in order to incorporate them into your content. This should be an ongoing process because internet marketing is a rapidly changing world and you need to be right there when it does.

To simplify the process, look for software that does keyword research to gain access to an extensive database of keywords to expand and update your list. You also need to know the right keywords density to use in your content to avoid being spammed by the very search engines you are trying to impress. You can search online to find help for keywords in a variety of places.


Social signals are important

Those small icons on web pages that prompt one to share the article or product if it impresses is a good way to drive inbound traffic to your site. Include buttons of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many others to reach as many people as you can. Since it only takes a minute to share, these buttons drive in traffic quickly and efficiently to boost your site’s quest for SEO.


Social Signals can sometimes be a bit tricky to find out what works best for different markets.  If you need help in this area, visit Coronation Internet Marketing to get your questions answered on this point.

Long-tail keywords should not be forgotten

These are basically keywords that contain three or four phrases which should be as specific to the topic at hand as possible. This will come in handy when a customer enters such specific keywords in their search box to simplify their search and returning a specific answer to their query. Utilizing such specific SEO-friendly long-tail keywords gives you the chance to beat out your competitors as customers usually mean business with such specific queries.

Increase the amount of content on your pages

Not only do you need to increase the amount of content on your pages but it should be of high quality and informative. If for instance you run a fitness and nutrition blog, stick to this subject by providing your visitors with helpful relevant content. This content should be updated regularly to provide fresh and informative content for the traffic on your site. It should also be well written with zero grammatical errors and typos so, be vigilant.

This way, they will keep coming back for more and also share your articles driving traffic to your site. Soon the money will come knocking thus, stay consistent. Websites that specializes in selling products and services should include a blog page to increase the content and pages on their website for SEO purposes.

Include original images on pages

Most people don’t realize this, but image optimization is good SEO which is easy to do when one grasps the basics. For starters, your image size shouldn’t be too big to load as people don’t have the patience to sit it out. Therefore, make it as small as possible without compromising on the size. Give each image a descriptive name of what the image represents to replace the generic name it’s saved under in the memory stick after capture. Also, if you can’t use your own images, find sites that provide free images. Beware of using other people’s images without their permission as you might find yourself in trouble.

<em>Article completed with input from Canada West Internet Marketing</em>

AJ’s Tips: Designing a Website for a Lawyer

The key to wonderful web design is really taking into account what the client needs according to their business. Having a website that is fully interactive and showcasing the skills of the designer actually plays a small role in comparison to the importance of functionality and making sure that site visitors know what it is all about. This is especially true when we look at the website for a lawyer and indeed it is a great example to use when further explaining the way in which a website should be designed.

AJ’s note:  For this post we will be using a website as an example in our images.  The site is Car Accident Money – Vancouver car accident lawyer website that is actually done quite well, but still could benefit from some changes.

What Is Required On A Website For A Lawyer.

To decide what is required, we need to think about what people want to see from this type of website. Having trust and faith in a lawyer is extremely important, so it is clear that there has to be a section whereby individuals can learn more about not only the areas of expertise, but also the individual experience of lawyer. Where did they study? When did the qualify? What is their work history? What is their primary focus – are they a personal injury lawyer?  Do they focus on criminal law?  Are they a car accident attorney? It may sound like a boring biography, but it is essential that this is on the website.

As an added extra, it is also worth including links to associations that the lawyer is a member of to help strengthen the trust that needs to be built between potential client and lawyer. This can include lawyer associations or links to groups that deal with specific legal issues. These links can vary depending on your location, but consulting with the lawyer themselves will put the web designer on the right track.

Next, you must make sure that it is very easy for the individual to find the contact information for the lawyer. Nowadays, there are some that will include an interactive chat although the majority still focus on email and telephone numbers as well as listing the physical address of their office. It is important that the individual that has reached the website can take action immediately and how fast they act can be determined by the quality of the information on the site itself.


Have a close look at the contact page (you may need to click on it to embiggen and see it clearly). Notice anything missing? If you said a contact form, you’d be correct. Make sure a contact form is always present on the contact page.

The Content.

The content is absolutely key and from a web design perspective it is important that the individual that has visited the site knows that this lawyer is indeed for them in just a matter of minutes. A website that is specifically for a lawyer needs to have content that is clear, to the point, and answers all of the questions that are going to be in the minds of the visitor.

Say for example the lawyer specializes in personal injuries. Their home page needs to make it clear that they focus on these kinds of cases. It has to stress that they can get more compensation than others. It has to mention that they fully understand the legal process and that they have empathy with the individual that was injured through no fault of their own. This example can of course be applied to other types of cases, but the basics remain the same.

A website for a lawyer does not have to be fancy, but it needs to be clear, easy to use, and the main focus has to be on very specialized content that deals with the key issues that visitors to the site will be facing. The site has to show that the law firm knows what it is doing, it has the experience required to deal with the cases, and that they will get the outcome that the individual is hoping for.


An FAQ page. Simple. Clear. To the point. And most important – helpful to visitors.  Check this out to see if you see any more great ideas and let us know!

Think of a Theme

Need one final helping hand? Start with a template that is already geared towards a lawyer. A couple of examples:

Lawyer Website Templates & Lawyer Web Templates on TemplateMonster
The Practice – Lawyer, Legal Offices HTML Theme on ThemeForest


There is no need to have added extras with the web design. This type of website is all about practicality, so keep the layout simple, get advice from the lawyer on the content including their own bio, and make sure people can contact them.

Unique Ideas For Business Card Printing


Photo courtesy of @Linxprint on Twitter

Choosing the appropriate business card is extremely important to make the finest first impression among your potential customers. If you want prospective customers to develop interest in your company and feel like finding out more about your business, immediately after the initial meeting, a business card can help you achieve that. When a prospective client holds hundreds of such business cards, it’s the design that will make your business card stand out from the others.

A uniquely-designed card certainly places you one step ahead in the marketing and promotion of your company. Yes, while everybody is looking for methods to promote their businesses, a simple business card can be sufficient, if it’s properly designed and lists the needed info. Presented below are 5 unique business card printing ideas that are certain to make a fantastic impression.

Have a look at the cards you can buy at Moo Cards

1. Three Dimensional Business Cards

Just like pop-up books for children, there are also three dimensional business cards. These productions appear more like pop up creations than a card. They are extremely fascinating and sure to be remembered. Even though 3D cards cost a little more to print, they’re worth the additional attention they get as well as the message they convey to business experts.

2. Multi Purpose Business Cards

Multi purpose business cards are genius. Aside from promoting your name and business, they also have several other functions. They might also function as an appointment reminder or a discount coupon. A multi functional business card can include any feature that will make your firm be remembered as well as show positive usability. Candy wrappers, teabags and sugar packets are examples of unique, multipurpose cards which have been utilized as an innovative alternative to the rectangular business card most individuals hand out.

3. Edible Business Cards

Would you believe that there are many types of edible business cards? You can actually make your business card out of edible materials like sugar cookies, chocolate, beef jerky and peanuts. If you work in the food industry, you may want to give out those types of business cards. Nevertheless, make sure you attach a piece of paper to the cards with your contact info and name in case the customer decides to eat your delicious contact cards.

4. 3D Photo Cards

Utilizing a photograph on a contact card is certainly not new. When you include a full-figured element to this business card with an image which stands up like an individual on a prospective client’s desk, then you’ve something quite original and rare.

5. Tactile Business cards

Tactile contact cards are distinguished mainly by how they feel. This kind of business card printing idea utilizes various materials rather than cardstock paper. Tactile business cards might be made of metal, plastic or wood. They can be produced in various shapes, have beautiful embossing or extreme folds. These cards are costlier than a standard business card; nevertheless, the impression which they leave on prospective customers is typically very effective and positive.

Always remember that your business card should contain the following details: your name, title, address, phone number, the company name, website and email. Business card printing is extremely important for all businesses today, whether small or big. Business cards help get your company name and contact info in front of individuals who need them. And, if you play your “business” cards right, you might become a big success.

This post is by the Vancouver business card printing experts at LinxPrint http://linxprint.com/.


AJ’s Tips: How to Choose a Digital Agency for your Business

Internet-Marketing-AgencyWith the growth of the web still at a peak and e-commerce sales at a 13 % boost for February 2009, common of the year on year growth of e-commerce sales, a digital company might be an essential factor in the survival of numerous businesses currently online or planning to launch themselves onto the internet. Some digital firms will try to offer you low-cost services, and the result is normally a low-cost looking campaign. Pressing your business on the web is an expensive and time consuming procedure, however, if you work in partnership with an effective digital firm, the result can be exceptionally lucrative.

How do you find the great from the bad? These five simple tips might be the most important recommendations you take in concerns to the future online success of your company, saving you from wasting your money on an ill fated campaign by directing you to a digital firm that will work with you for the long run.

1. Look at their internet site: If a digital agency has a poorly created or inaccessible website advertising themselves, how do they anticipate to sell themselves as an internet design agency to prospective customers? During the choice making progress, require time to browse around the internet site of possible digital firms. You know that these features will certainly be readily available to you if their site is well developed and makes use of brand-new innovation such as flash. If the digital firm has the personnel and the technological resources to produce an outstanding site for themselves, they need to apply this to their clients and their customers projects.

Look at their previous work and their other customers: A lot of digital companies will be excited to reveal off their previous and continuous work. It is a great indicator if a digital firm has large and little companies in the client portfolio as this shows dedication to any work they are employed with, and the ability to manage huge scale launches and advertising campaigns. Do you like the work that the digital company has done for these clients?

3. Are they in it for the long run? Having a profitable presence on the web is more than just a successful web site launch. If you are looking for a sustainable earnings from your web site, with an e-commerce shop as an example, you will certainly need continuous marketing support. If a company offers marketing approaches along side its web design/development services, take advantage of this. The very best digital agencies will certainly employ advertising specialists to ensure that once your internet site has actually been introduced onto the web, it accomplishes maximum promotion. There are a variety of various ways to achieve this which can be gone over during the proposition phase.

Take a look at the group: When you are thinking about a digital firm and exactly what you want them to do for you, take an appearance at the staff they utilize. Smaller digital companies with a handful of personnel members might discover themselves overstretched. Under this procedure, each member of staff dealing with your account will certainly have a quick to work to and can focus on their job instead of spreading themselves too thinly over the task.

There is huge competitors for every nomination and evaluating panels take the procedure very seriously. Awards and qualifications from search engines are impressive, as are specialist accolades from media publications, local business awards and industry awards. Acknowledgment from others in their own field need to be taken notification of when choosing the ideal digital company for you.

By following these tips you make certain to find a digital company that will be a helpful ally on the World Wide Web, enhancing traffic to your internet site and therefore boosting your earnings.

Pressing your business on the web is an expensive and time consuming procedure, nevertheless, if you work in partnership with an effective digital company, the result can be extremely profitable.

Look at their internet site: If a digital firm has an improperly developed or inaccessible internet site marketing themselves, how do they expect to offer themselves as a web design firm to potential customers? Look at their previous work and their other customers: Most digital agencies will be eager to show off their continuous and previous work. It is a good indication if a digital firm has big and small companies in the customer portfolio as this shows commitment to any work they are utilized with, and the capability to handle big scale launches and marketing projects. Do you like the work that the digital agency has done for these customers?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.