Web Design Elements for Car Dealers

Web Design Elements for Car Dealers

A quality website is becoming a necessity in today’s world with many people researching online to find the goods and services they are in need of. However, as a car dealer just having a website doesn’t mean that people are going to buy the cars you have displayed on your website. You have to ensure your website is appealing with quality car pictures accompanied with the right information. You want people to come along and see what cars you have to offer, not just leave it that way but buy them. Here are 10 tips for website design ideas for car dealers:

  1. Have a polished, professional logo.
  2. A logo is an important part of any business brand; you should try to ensure this is on every page of your website and link it back to your home page. Ensure it looks professional by using a high-resolution image. Many sites will feature their logo in the top left corner of each page.

  3. Use intuitive navigation.
  4. If your navigation becomes too difficult people will give up and look for a site that is more user-friendly. An idea is to have a main menu in a bar across the top of the site with secondary navigation options underneath or along the side. You don’t need to have links to every page on your home page, or it may become too busy. You only need important links on the landing page only.

  5. Don’t clutter the page.
  6. Sometimes we can be overloaded with images but if we do this, the brain will shut down. Too many images stops us from being able to process all the information. Keep the clutter down and don’t fill the page with too much information either of the used car dealer. Keep your paragraphs short. If they are too long, people often will skip over them and won’t read them.

  7. Give internet users room to breathe.
  8. Create space between paragraphs and images. This will allow the site visitor to absorb everything that they are reading and seeing.

  9. Use colour strategically.
  10. Think of what you are want to achieve with the use of colors in your site. If you use a neutral colour palette, you will present an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Bright colours will represent fun.

    a car dealership website theme

    Keep in mind there are always many car dealership website themes to help you start your site.

  11. Invest in professional photography.
  12. Keep high-quality pictures of the cars you are selling on your landing page. The power of sight far outweighs words. Make use of professionals to take and keep good and appealing pictures on your website. It would be better to have no photos up than to have poor quality pictures with no relevance to your website.

  13. Choose easily read fonts.
  14. Don’t choose a font that is difficult to read because people simply won’t read it. They’ll see it and then leave straight away. Do not deter visitors before they can even read what you have to offer. Also, as car dealer use a font that matches your images. A fun comic style font may not be appropriate for your site.

  15. Design each page as if it’s a landing page.
  16. Some people may not enter your site through the home page which means all of your pages should be engaging. Key information should be on each of the pages so the visitor doesn’t need to go searching through multiple pages to find out what you actually are about.

  17. Put your call to action above the fold.
  18. Sometimes people don’t scroll down on a page which means if you want people to call or send you an email you need to put this high on a page to ensure it is seen. It’s a always a brilliant idea to have your contact details easily shown on the page also.

  19. Test your design.
  20. You’d be surprised at what difference a small change to a design can make, so test your designs. You can do A/B testing with a couple of designs and see which of them engages people more to your site.