SEO Strategies to Use in 2015

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, you should be aware of the fact that internet marketing has taken the world by storm. Different methods are being employed to harvest the many people who spend their better time of the day (and night) online en masse.

Owning a website with a working and memorable URL is the first step to attaining visibility on the internet. You will then require a Search Engine Optimization company or SEO to make sure your internet marketing is successful. This is what ranks your site on popular search engines like Bing, yahoo and Google when search results are returned.

For good SEO, there are strategies that need to be followed in order to make your site marketable. This is what you have to do:-

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

In this age of smartphone and tablets, people access the internet on the go via these portable gadgets. In keeping with this growing trend, it is only fair that you make your website mobile-friendly by incorporating a mobile site. This is to avoid losing out on people who are always on the go and want to stay updated.


Focus on a variety of keywords

Keywords are the backbone of good SEO because that is what customers use to query on search engines, not generic words. Having a variety of keywords is what will get your site noticed for a good ranking which is good for business.

Research is requisite for you to know what keywords are popular with customers in order to incorporate them into your content. This should be an ongoing process because internet marketing is a rapidly changing world and you need to be right there when it does.

To simplify the process, look for software that does keyword research to gain access to an extensive database of keywords to expand and update your list. You also need to know the right keywords density to use in your content to avoid being spammed by the very search engines you are trying to impress. You can search online to find help for keywords in a variety of places.


Social signals are important

Those small icons on web pages that prompt one to share the article or product if it impresses is a good way to drive inbound traffic to your site. Include buttons of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many others to reach as many people as you can. Since it only takes a minute to share, these buttons drive in traffic quickly and efficiently to boost your site’s quest for SEO.


Social Signals can sometimes be a bit tricky to find out what works best for different markets.  If you need help in this area, visit Coronation Internet Marketing to get your questions answered on this point.

Long-tail keywords should not be forgotten

These are basically keywords that contain three or four phrases which should be as specific to the topic at hand as possible. This will come in handy when a customer enters such specific keywords in their search box to simplify their search and returning a specific answer to their query. Utilizing such specific SEO-friendly long-tail keywords gives you the chance to beat out your competitors as customers usually mean business with such specific queries.

Increase the amount of content on your pages

Not only do you need to increase the amount of content on your pages but it should be of high quality and informative. If for instance you run a fitness and nutrition blog, stick to this subject by providing your visitors with helpful relevant content. This content should be updated regularly to provide fresh and informative content for the traffic on your site. It should also be well written with zero grammatical errors and typos so, be vigilant.

This way, they will keep coming back for more and also share your articles driving traffic to your site. Soon the money will come knocking thus, stay consistent. Websites that specializes in selling products and services should include a blog page to increase the content and pages on their website for SEO purposes.

Include original images on pages

Most people don’t realize this, but image optimization is good SEO which is easy to do when one grasps the basics. For starters, your image size shouldn’t be too big to load as people don’t have the patience to sit it out. Therefore, make it as small as possible without compromising on the size. Give each image a descriptive name of what the image represents to replace the generic name it’s saved under in the memory stick after capture. Also, if you can’t use your own images, find sites that provide free images. Beware of using other people’s images without their permission as you might find yourself in trouble.

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