Elements of Good Web Design for a Spa

Hotels and spas are intertwined; it is difficult to talk about one of them in isolation. Why say so? A Spa is one of the amenities that visitors are treated to in the renowned hotel rooms around the globe. Therefore, a spa website similar to the one at Spalogy usually exists as a small site within the mother resort or hotel site. People who visit spa websites are very specific to the site as opposed to the major resort/hotel page. Therefore, a spa website needs to have good web design elements that will sell the services at first glance.

Before embarking on such website design elements it important to have a sneak preview on what spas entail to clearly comprehend the major objectives of spa websites. Spas are relaxation outlets. The individual undergoes a series of massages and therapies to help them unwind after a hard day’s work or take a break from busy schedules. They are categorized into day and destination spas. Day spas are a one-day affair while destination spas take several days in the resort.

Due to the expensive nature of spas, individuals visit them occasionally for a treat. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have a luxurious and contented feeling even before visiting them. This is made possible by a website; a website that is beautifully designed and sells itself. The following are some of the spa website design components:

spa in a hotel

An example of a spa located within a hotel.

The punch line

This pertains to the main reasons why customers should come to your spa instead of other many spas located in different locations or parts of the country. In the punch line, you should sell the environment as well as the location. You should heavily employ pictures for this purpose to demonstrate a unique environment unique to the location of the spa. Pictures have the ability to describe with precise intent and impact.

Describe a luxury Service

This is a very important component. It enlightens the customers on what to expect: total luxury, being calm and collected. This should appeal more to physical pleasures aimed at helping the potential customer feel amazing

Another thing to keep in mind - you can always find a spa website theme to build from.

Another thing to keep in mind – you can always find a spa website theme to build from.

Employ Cool Color Palettes throughout the site

This helps your visitors to feel calm and relaxed even before visiting the spa. The level of comfort at the location should be portrayed using faded palettes such as shades of whites and blues.

Using visual designs

The website should contain lots of graphics as opposed to text. Use images that describe the feeling that you want to put across. For example, clouds best describe calm or a feeling or being peaceful.

List of services and their costs

Most customers make informed decisions based on the available services, preferences as well as the budget at their disposal. Therefore, it’s important that the website has the “list of services and prices” design component. Further, for many items, think of having a helpful guide for visitors (something like “hair salon guide“) to look at to help them in their decision on why choose a specific spa for a specific need.

The First Impression

In as much as you wish to send the right message to the customers at first glance, desist from excessive use of any component. Come up with a design that best works for you and sends the right impression. The easiest picture that works well at first glance is an individual in a towel.