Unique Ideas For Business Card Printing


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Choosing the appropriate business card is extremely important to make the finest first impression among your potential customers. If you want prospective customers to develop interest in your company and feel like finding out more about your business, immediately after the initial meeting, a business card can help you achieve that. When a prospective client holds hundreds of such business cards, it’s the design that will make your business card stand out from the others.

A uniquely-designed card certainly places you one step ahead in the marketing and promotion of your company. Yes, while everybody is looking for methods to promote their businesses, a simple business card can be sufficient, if it’s properly designed and lists the needed info. Presented below are 5 unique business card printing ideas that are certain to make a fantastic impression.

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1. Three Dimensional Business Cards

Just like pop-up books for children, there are also three dimensional business cards. These productions appear more like pop up creations than a card. They are extremely fascinating and sure to be remembered. Even though 3D cards cost a little more to print, they’re worth the additional attention they get as well as the message they convey to business experts.

2. Multi Purpose Business Cards

Multi purpose business cards are genius. Aside from promoting your name and business, they also have several other functions. They might also function as an appointment reminder or a discount coupon. A multi functional business card can include any feature that will make your firm be remembered as well as show positive usability. Candy wrappers, teabags and sugar packets are examples of unique, multipurpose cards which have been utilized as an innovative alternative to the rectangular business card most individuals hand out.

3. Edible Business Cards

Would you believe that there are many types of edible business cards? You can actually make your business card out of edible materials like sugar cookies, chocolate, beef jerky and peanuts. If you work in the food industry, you may want to give out those types of business cards. Nevertheless, make sure you attach a piece of paper to the cards with your contact info and name in case the customer decides to eat your delicious contact cards.

4. 3D Photo Cards

Utilizing a photograph on a contact card is certainly not new. When you include a full-figured element to this business card with an image which stands up like an individual on a prospective client’s desk, then you’ve something quite original and rare.

5. Tactile Business cards

Tactile contact cards are distinguished mainly by how they feel. This kind of business card printing idea utilizes various materials rather than cardstock paper. Tactile business cards might be made of metal, plastic or wood. They can be produced in various shapes, have beautiful embossing or extreme folds. These cards are costlier than a standard business card; nevertheless, the impression which they leave on prospective customers is typically very effective and positive.

Always remember that your business card should contain the following details: your name, title, address, phone number, the company name, website and email. Business card printing is extremely important for all businesses today, whether small or big. Business cards help get your company name and contact info in front of individuals who need them. And, if you play your “business” cards right, you might become a big success.

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